The retail landscape is ever shifting. The Direct to Consumer (D2C) model is fast becoming popular for manufacturers who want to enter the market directly without any middle entity. While a B2C (Business to Customer) model has a line up of wholesaler and retailers in the process to reach the customers, D2C model does away with all of that. It gives

Product return in e-commerce is a growing nuisance for retailers. It accounts for a significant loss in revenue and time. Too many processes are involved in product return - back-and-forth emailing, return authorization, tracking returned items, inspection of returned products, managing inventory, etc. Even with a streamlined return process, excessive e-commerce return rates keep shop owners awake at night. What’s worse

The only constant is change. There is no scenario better than the coronavirus chaos to support this fact. The pandemic brought radical changes to healthcare, consumer goods, travel, finance, and education. Amid stay-at-home orders, restrictions, and most importantly fear, we saw an overnight shift in worldwide consumer behavior as well. The reality is there is no way of going back to the

You’ve probably heard of local business listing. It’s exactly what you think it is. Local listings are online directories that contain the details of your brick and mortar business. These details include name, address, contact information, working hours etc. Why is this important? To understand this, let’s take up an activity. Type “pizza” in your Google search box. Here’s what you are