About Yuni Beauty

Yuni Beauty is a renowned beauty and wellness brand committed to offering natural products that encourage self-care and mindfulness. Their extensive collection encompasses a range of skincare, body care, and yoga-inspired beauty essentials, all crafted with a cruelty-free and eco-friendly approach. With a strong focus on promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle, Yuni Beauty has cultivated a devoted customer base seeking authentic and sustainable beauty solutions.

To further elevate their online presence and cater to their unique needs, Codaemon collaborated with Yuni Beauty on their BigCommerce-powered-website enhancements. Utilizing our expertise in customization, we worked closely with Yuni Beauty to implement tailored solutions to the website that aligned seamlessly with their brand vision, amplifying their online success and enhancing the customer experience.

How we did it

Yuni Beauty's website required UI customizations and development work to enhance user experience.

Codaemon implemented tailored UI customizations on the homepage and product pages while carefully handling development tasks, including a promo news bar, press pages, product page UI, and rewards widget functionality. A comprehensive SEO strategy, including 301 redirects and an SEO audit, was executed to maintain search visibility.

The seamless execution of UI customizations, development work, and SEO measures resulted in an improved website experience for Yuni Beauty's customers while preserving its search engine rankings and organic traffic.

UI Customizations & Development

Working closely with Yuni Beauty, we delved into comprehensive UI customizations to truly reflect their brand essence. On the homepage, we meticulously curated an engaging carousel that showcases their latest and most captivating products, instantly drawing visitors into their world of beauty and wellness.

Additionally, we strategically implemented a promo news bar to highlight irresistible offers and promotions, keeping customers informed and eager to explore further. When it came to the product pages, our team worked diligently to enhance the UI with a clean and intuitive layout, enabling seamless navigation and a delightful shopping experience for customers.

In parallel, our development team built a robust foundation that complements the UI customizations. We crafted a dedicated press page to showcase Yuni Beauty's media coverage and accolades, establishing them as a reputable player in the industry.   Furthermore, we implemented an interactive rewards widget, to add an element of excitement and incentivize customer loyalty. This entailed meticulous coding and optimization to ensure smooth functionality and flawless performance across all devices.


Our team implemented effective SEO strategies to ensure that the customizations and development enhancements didn’t compromise the website's search engine performance. We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, meticulously analyzing the website's structure, content, and keywords. Based on the findings, we executed essential technical optimizations, including setting up 301 redirects to ensure a seamless transition from old URLs to new ones, preserving link equity and preventing any negative impact on search rankings.

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