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Ziamond specializes in lab-created diamond simulant, cubic zirconia jewelry that are set in 14K and 18K gold as well as platinum. Along with that, Ziamond creates lab-made emerald, ruby, and sapphire and sells these as loose stones. Jewelry options at Ziamond include rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, wedding jewelry, and also men’s jewelry like cufflinks, pendants, lapel pins, etc. The company also offers personalized jewelry creations to cater to individual preferences.


Ziamond wanted to replatform their Yahoo Commerce store to a different SaaS-based platform where they could access all the latest eCommerce features available to expand and fulfill their business needs. They had previously moved from OrderMotion to Yahoo Commerce for the same purpose.

How we did it

  1. Migrating data from two different systems - Yahoo Commerce and OrderMotion - with different data structures and format
  2. Handling a substantial database size of 5K+ products, 2K+ customers, 10K+ orders
  3. Consolidating similar products and variants while preserving customer purchasing history and staff communication notes

  1. Established a middleware application on AWS with a central database
  2. Integrated BigCommerce APIs to import data from the central database
  3. Developed custom scripts for data cleaning and consolidation
  4. Conducted thorough testing and verification in a BigCommerce sandbox store with multiple iterations and then ran the process in the live store

  1. Successful migration of 12 years of data from OrderMotion and 3 years of data from Yahoo Commerce to BigCommerce
  2. Minimal customization required post-migration, reducing development efforts and future implementation costs
  3. Significant cost savings of over 60% in site development and implementation time reduced by more than 50%

Plan of Action

BigCommerce was chosen as the new platform for Ziamond because of its scalability and the sheer number of built-in sales tools. Once the platform was finalized, the next thing to do was to migrate customer, product, and order data from both OrderMotion and Yahoo Commerce to BigCommerce. The database size was substantial - 5K+ products, 2K+ customers, and 10K orders.  The objective was to:
  1. Map all data ensuring all fields and attributes are correctly set
  2. Consolidate similar products
  3. Address complex category structures
  4. Implement SEO-friendly URLs and 301 redirects
In doing this, the data would also be cleaned and structured.

Navigating Complex Data Migration Challenges

The migration process would involve transferring 12 years of data from OrderMotion to BigCommerce using MSSQL database dump and three years of data from Yahoo Commerce using Yahoo APIs and CSV exports.

However, it did not come without its challenges. Apart from the database size, what added to the complexity was consolidating similar products and variants while preserving customer purchasing history and incorporating staff notes from previous communication channels. Additionally, handling international addresses and working within the limitations of BigCommerce APIs posed further challenges.

Migrating Data from Yahoo Commerce & OrderMotion to BigCommerce

After engaging in multiple rounds of discussion, we defined an optimal workflow for replatforming. A middleware application was set up on an AWS server to establish a central database. Then we integrated BigCommerce APIs to import data from the centralized database to BigCommerce, covering customer, product, and order data. Custom scripts were developed to clean and structure the data, ensuring accuracy. Some Collections/Categories were merged to create consolidated products. External IDs were maintained for migrated records to ensure data integrity.

A BigCommerce sandbox account was utilized for testing and verifying data imports, with iterations performed until we perfected the migration. Once all the data had been inserted correctly, the final migration was executed on the live BigCommerce store for the entire data.

The Solution Delivered Significant Benefits to Ziamond

By minimizing the need for customization after replatforming and data migration, we achieved development cost savings of over 60% and reduced implementation time by more than 50%. The data cleansing and purification process improved the quality and accuracy of the data which made migration faster and more efficient. Ziamond was impressed by our ability to deliver a functional solution within a limited budget, surpassing other unsuccessful attempts by different companies.

As a result, Ziamond entrusted us with more system enhancement projects for their business growth.

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