About Slomins

Slomin’s provides home security, heating, and cooling solutions. Slomin’s started as a general store with a home delivery service of store-bought kerosene back in 1923. Quickly Slomin’s reputation grew and it started to develop into one of the largest family-owned businesses in the US with a full line of products and services for home and business owners.

How we did it

There were two main challenges that Slomin’s came up with:

  1. Building a website where the text, content, branding, and solutions can be updated from time to time by the site administrator
  2. Creating a customizable security package that customers can checkout easily

We created the security system package as a product with the functionality to select add-ons, a 5-year monitoring plan, and a smooth checkout flow.

  1. The site administrator can now easily update the content of the site
  2. Users can easily add or modify the security packages

Building an online store

Initially, Slomin’s site was only built for customers to view their products and request consultation/quotes. So Slomin’s wanted to add an online store capability to be able to sell security system packages for homeowners. The basic package is free of cost and includes a touch-screen control keypad, a motion detector, three door/window sensors, and a yard sign. This package can be customized to include add-ons that are chargeable. These packages come with two types of mandatory 5-year monitoring plans at a nominal monthly cost. The monitoring plans include features like cellular communication, battery backup, equipment warranty, remote access, mobile alerts, and more.

Codaemon created and integrated the online store functionality in the website. This has features for customers to choose between a basic and a custom package along with the ability to add package-relevant add-ons for the custom plan to the cart.  Customers can then easily checkout these items once they select a monitoring plan. Only the first-month cost of the monthly monitoring plan is charged at the time of checkout. The remaining amount is automatically deducted as a recurring monthly cost thereafter.

Our Clients