About Tru Niagen

Tru Niagen is a nutrient supplement produced and distributed by ChromaDex, a reputable company with over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Tru Niagen plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular health, working at the most foundational level to promote optimal well-being as individuals age.

One of the key functions of Tru Niagen is its ability to increase NAD+ levels, vital for cellular energy generation and combating age-related decline. The credibility of Tru Niagen is further reinforced by its association with two Nobel Prize-winning scientists, Sir John Walker from Cambridge and Dr. Roger Kornberg from Stanford. The product boasts an impressive track record with more than 40 patents and over 300 published scientific studies validating its efficacy and safety.

To take the product to even greater heights, ChromaDex sought to establish dedicated sales channels for Tru Niagen. The objective was to create a separate entity for the product from the existing ChromaDex site and enhance its promotion to reach a broader audience. This is where Codaemon played a crucial role in devising effective strategies and implementing solutions to elevate the visibility and accessibility of Tru Niagen.

How we did it

To establish dedicated sales channels for Tru Niagen and elevate its visibility to a broader audience, while maintaining credibility and trust in the product's effectiveness.

Codaemon crafted targeted landing pages, optimizing user experience and showcasing valuable information on the product. We seamlessly integrated Amazon and Facebook as sales channels, enhancing accessibility and reach. Additionally, we implemented a custom recurring billing API, empowering customers to subscribe to their preferred supply duration and enjoy hassle-free, automatic reorder processing.

With strategic landing pages and diversified sales channels, Tru Niagen's visibility expanded, attracting more customers and driving sales. The introduction of recurring billing increased customer convenience and retention, contributing to long-term revenue streams. Targeted email campaigns nurtured customer relationships, promoting repeat purchases, and further accelerating sales for the nutrient supplement.

Landing Page Creation

ChromaDex's objective of promoting Tru Niagen as a separate entity from their primary site led us to create targeted landing pages. These responsive and fast-loading Shopify landing pages were created for both home and product. They were meticulously designed to offer an immersive experience for visitors, enticing them to explore further. The product page, in particular, showcased a wealth of valuable information, such as detailed ingredient lists, product specifications, and the extensive research backing the effectiveness of Tru Niagen. To bolster credibility and foster trust, we incorporated insights from the scientist behind the product. Additionally, the product page provided a comprehensive FAQ section and clear usage directions, ensuring that potential customers had all the essential details at their fingertips. These visually engaging and informative landing pages became the launchpad for establishing further sales channels.

Sales Channel Integrations

Our team seamlessly integrated Amazon and Facebook as sales channels into the Shopify landing page, expanding the reach and visibility of Tru Niagen. This strategic move allowed customers to access the product through multiple platforms, enhancing convenience and accessibility. To effectively gauge the performance of each sales channel, we implemented digital marketing initiatives that tracked conversions across the Shopify web app, Amazon, and Facebook. Google Analytics enabled the client to closely monitor user interactions on the Shopify pages, gaining valuable information about user engagement and behavior. This data-driven approach helped the client keep a finger on the pulse of their customer behavior, thus informing their future marketing efforts.

API Development for Custom Recurring Billing

To optimize sales and enhance customer convenience, we introduced a subscription option during the checkout process. This feature empowers users to subscribe to their preferred supply duration, such as three months, etc. This subscription is supplemented by a recurring billing feature. When a customer subscribes to a specific supply duration (e.g., three months), the recurring billing functionality is set to charge the customer's payment method automatically at the end of each three-month period. This eliminates the need for customers to manually place repeat orders for the product, saving them time and effort.

The integration of recurring billing also benefits the client by fostering customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value. By ensuring a hassle-free and uninterrupted supply of Tru Niagen, customers are more likely to continue using the product over an extended period. This translates into consistent revenue streams for ChromaDex, enhancing their overall sales performance.

Email Campaign Management

In order to optimize customer engagement and retention, we went a step further by conducting targeted Email drip campaigns. These campaigns were tailored to different buyer types - first-time, recurring, bounced - ensuring that each customer segment received messages that resonated with their unique preferences and behaviors.

By utilizing Klaviyo, we efficiently managed and automated these email campaigns, ensuring timely and relevant communications with each customer. The platform's robust features allowed us to track customer interactions, analyze campaign performance, and segment customers based on their behavior, leading to more effective and targeted communication strategies. This holistic approach to email marketing played a pivotal role in enhancing customer relationships, driving repeat purchases, and ultimately accelerating sales for Tru Niagen.

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