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How we did it

PlatinumLED, a pioneering brand in red light therapy, sought to expand its customer base and appeal to a broader audience while maintaining its existing clientele. They needed strategic website customizations to achieve their goal.

To cater to a global customer base, we implemented a dynamic multi-currency feature on the website, allowing customers to pay in their native currencies. Additionally, we enabled Shopify Markets to customize product offerings based on specific regions, enhancing the brand's global reach. We also introduced an innovative OLED touchscreen remote for their popular Biomax series, empowering customers with seamless control over their red light therapy experience.

The strategic customizations successfully enhanced the user experience and visual appeal of PlatinumLED's website. With a broader international reach and improved customer convenience, PlatinumLED is now better positioned for greater success in the competitive wellness industry.

Facilitating International Adoption with Multi-Currency Feature

To propel PlatinumLED's goal of mainstream adoption and cater to a global customer base, we implemented a dynamic multi-currency functionality on the website. Currencies available include USD, AUD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and SGD. This feature was integrated in the home page and at checkout to reduce friction in decision-making.

The ability to pay with native currencies fosters trust and convenience, erasing any barriers related to currency conversion or fluctuating exchange rates. This makes the products more appealing and approachable to a global audience, positioning PlatinumLED for greater success in the competitive market of red light therapy.

We enabled Shopify Markets to further amplify PlatinumLED's global reach. With Shopify Markets, the brand gained the ability to customize product offerings, pricing, and promotions based on specific regions and target markets. This means customers can now view product prices in their own currencies. This localization effort is suggestive of the fact that PlatinumLED's red light panels can meet the unique preferences and needs of different geographic regions.

Add-on Feature for Most Popular Product Series

Recognizing the need for greater convenience and control, PlatinumLED introduced an innovative OLED touchscreen remote for all products within the Biomax series. This groundbreaking add-on feature revolutionized the way customers interacted with the Biomax panels, offering a seamless and intuitive experience.

The OLED touchscreen remote puts control and personalization in the hands of the users. With just a few taps on the intuitive display, customers can effortlessly adjust settings and fine-tune the red light therapy experience to suit their specific needs.

To achieve this, we integrated a user-friendly add-on feature on the Biomax product pages, allowing customers to easily opt for the remote at an additional cost. The transparent and straightforward selection process enables users to tailor their purchase according to their preferences, giving them the power to customize their lighting therapy setup precisely.

Product Launch & Additional Customizations

We played a key role in the launch of the SaunaMAX PRO, a revolutionary product by PlatinumLED. SaunaMAX PRO is the first and only ultra-high power red/NIR therapy light designed exclusively for sauna applications. As a team, we meticulously integrated the design elements for the dedicated product page, showcasing the groundbreaking features of the product.

In addition to the product launch, we implemented essential UX customizations to optimize the website's functionality and user experience. We worked on fixing errors in certain sections, minimizing unnecessary white space, ensuring responsiveness of certain elements, etc. The goal was to align the website precisely with user expectations, elevating the overall browsing and shopping experience for PlatinumLED's customers.

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