Customer support and experience are crucial elements of an e-commerce website. Naturally, it requires a lot of work to perfect these areas. Thankfully, you can automate customer service to some extent to ease the burden. E-commerce is booming. Sales are up. Customers are shopping online in much higher volumes than ever before. As the orders pile, so does the need for

For businesses that are rapidly adopting digital transformation strategies in their workflow, automation has been a key driver. And one of the basic automation areas has been order management. Whether you are an enterprise-level store with multiple sales channels or a D2C mom-and-pop shop, order management is critical to stay in business. Manually handling the process creates difficulties like erroneous

E-commerce processes are demanding. On a daily basis, retailers have to get hundreds of five-minute tasks done that may not appear to be much individually but take significant time when added up. From listing products, managing stock to processing orders, dispatching packages, and handling customer complaints - everything competes for attention. As the business grows, the demand, complexity, and repetition