About Korafitness

Kora Fitness (now ACTAwear) provides athletic gear that helps its customers get the most out of their workouts. Kora has been created keeping comfort in mind because the founders believe that people are more likely to work out if they feel comfortable in what they are wearing.

Apart from selling fitness wear, Kora plays an active role in giving back to the community. The four dots that can be found on almost all Kora clothing signifies 4 major social charities that Kora gives back to with every purchase – water, child cancer, sex trafficking, and mental health. The founders stress the importance of becoming a great person along with becoming a great athlete.

How we did it

There were two primary challenges in this project:

  1. Creating a membership purchase service
  2. Upgrading its affiliate registration program

  1. We utilized the ReCharge app to enable users to purchase a recurring membership
  2. We replaced the existing Enlistly setup with GrowSumo affiliate management software for a seamless experience

  1. The membership purchase process is streamlined for ease of use
  2. The affiliate program has been upgraded to a more user-friendly one

Membership Purchase Service

The client wanted to implement a membership service for the customers. Through this, a customer purchasing a membership with Kora Fitness will receive a discount on the products. The amount s/he spends on the membership will get added to their wallet. Now the customer can use this amount to purchase products except the ones on sale. We took advantage of the ReCharge app to enable customers to purchase their membership on a recurring basis. We created a private app that can be called using webhooks from ReCharge & Shopify. The following webhooks were used from ReCharge: - OrderProcessed - ChargeProcess - ChargeFailed   Shopify webhook used: - OrderProcessed

How it Works

Here’s how the process works:
  1. A customer purchases the membership:
- The ReCharge webhook calls the private app where the customer details along with his/her membership purchase details have been stored. The existing customer tag is updated with a new one to identify the membership purchase. The customer’s wallet is also updated to add the membership purchase amount. This amount can then be used to purchase products and the client can keep track of the expenditure.
  1. The customer purchases a product after becoming a member:
- A call is sent to the private app from the cart page. This app calculates the applicable discount and generates a coupon code for that customer only. On a successful purchase, the wallet amount used for the purchase is deducted.
  1. On Failure of the payment or cancellation of the membership, the customer tag is updated to remove the membership identification. From then on the customer will no longer remain a member and will not be able to avail of a discount.

Affiliate Registration Program

Kora used Enlistly for its affiliate registration program. But it didn’t provide the affiliates with a seamless experience of registering and then directing them to purchase Kora fitness gear to initiate his/her affiliate program. Codaemon replaced Enlistly with GrowSumo affiliate management software and then used Zapier to automate information flow from Shopify to GrowSumo. An affiliate can now get his discount code and personalized affiliate URL only when he has placed an order on the Kora Fitness Shopify site.


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