UGO is a convenience delivery service currently operating in Tuscaloosa, AL. UGO – Convenience Delivery is a brand new delivery service for all needs. UGO has a huge inventory of convenience items including snacks, drinks, home essentials, and health & beauty supplies.

How we did it

A buyer is up late at night working, studying, or partying. He doesn't want to make a time-consuming trip to the store to buy convenience items.

He uses our user-friendly e-commerce portal that comes with fast navigation and quick search facility of categorized items. Apart from the portal, he can also use our high-speed Android and iOS shopping app for instant access to the shop.

The user enjoys a fast buying experience with saved payment methods and services. He can use his saved address or add a new one during checkout. Availability of various discount coupons attracts users to the shop. Users also get reward points and store credits for referring the app to a new user.


The mobile app for Ugo LLC was developed in Flutter. Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google. It makes the process of Android & iOS app development way faster. User Interface designing in Flutter involves assembling and/or creating various widgets. A widget in Flutter represents an immutable description of a part of the user interface. All graphics, including text, shapes, and animations are created using widgets. Complex widgets can be created by combining multiple simpler ones.


Most modern applications use APIs to build the core of the app upon which the graphical interfaces are built. These interfaces can be mobile apps, desktop applications, and even websites. By having the business logic in a central place, you enjoy the benefit of only having to develop the most complex piece of code just once, and then using that elsewhere.

Our Clients