About The House Office

The House Office is a UK-based company that sells home office furniture online. With the pandemic-induced lockdown in place across the world, many employees had to resort to working from home which generated a demand for transitional furniture that works for a home-based office setup. The House Office specializes in handmade furniture that helps create a comfortable home office environment.

How we did it

The House Office wasn’t being able to reach its target audience due to lack of SEO implementation. Website improvement efforts fall flat when the website does not get the traffic it’s built for.

We performed a thorough keyword research for the site and added them to the meta tags for increased visibility and created a pre-SEO audit report.

The site administrator can now easily update the content of the site Users can easily locate the nearest store by entering an address

Optimizing the Website for Search

Initially, the website for The House Office was not search-engine friendly. This means the web pages were not getting indexed by search engine bots. In other words, The House Office was having a hard time with visibility. The client was unable to track visitors, their source, and their behavior on the site. On thorough website analysis from an SEO standpoint, we went ahead with setting up Google Search Console and Analytics for the site and added meta tags to increase visibility for targeted keywords.   A basic SEO implementation went a long way in helping The House Office gain the visibility it was lacking and help bring footfall into the site.

Our Clients