About SpiritClips

SpiritClips, presently known as Hallmark Movies Now, is an online video streaming service that offers inspiring and uplifting content including movies, documentaries, short films etc. Take a look at some of the exciting things we did for SpiritClips.

How we did it

SpiritClip’s video download and offline playing feature make its exclusive contents prone to piracy.

We integrated DRM and Silverlight for SpiritClips. This requires the offline Silverlight player to be installed in the user’s device and the user to be online intermittently for downloading the video or renewing subscription. The DRM software also prevents re-distribution of the video to other devices by storing it in the server using a device identifier.

After purchasing SpiritClips subscription, the user downloads a DRM-protected video, installs the Silverlight Player and uses it to play back the video offline. This reduces the chances of piracy.


We used Ooyala video player to facilitate a robust video streaming experience and to ensure its compatibility across all devices. We also created a Roku channel to fetch this video stream for viewing. Facebook Connect was integrated for easy site access.


Piracy is a major concern today, especially in video streaming and playing offline videos. To prevent this, we integrated Digital Rights Management (DRM) with the Microsoft Silverlight application. This enables only authenticated users to watch the videos and prevents users from watching the downloaded videos on multiple devices.


Advanced analytics integration enables SpiritClips to track user behavior. It also keeps track of the duration for which a video is played.


We integrated Authorize.net payment gateway to enable membership purchase on SpiritClips. Users can also customize and purchase film cards containing music and videos and gift them to their dear ones.

Our Clients