About SpareHire

SpareHire connects organizations with finance and consulting professionals. Employers can either browse from its talent pool or post a job requirement to get connected with potential leads featured on the platform. Job seekers can also browse from a range of projects and apply to work on them. While SpareHire primarily works on a project-basis, it also enables companies to hire professionals from this platform for full-time work on paying a minimal buyout charge.

How we did it

A Chicago-based retail company requires a professional to assist with its financial planning.

This job is posted on SpareHire and it receives a good number of applications within a few hours. After rigorous interviews over the phone, the hiring manager selects the best-suited professional in the next 2 days.

The professional introduces financial discipline in the company and contributes immensely towards achieving the company’s goals.


SpareHire boasts a rich database of professionals as well as projects. To apply to the projects or communicate with professionals, users need to sign up. Professionals can apply for jobs and receive payment through SpareHire once the task is complete. SpareHire has a Project Tracker feature that enables professionals to mark project completion.


Employers looking to hire contractual employees can post jobs for free. Every job posting requires the completion of a few steps. These steps include categorizing the job requirement to narrow down the search, adding a job description, mentioning the urgency and the duration of requirement, and adding the remuneration details, desired work experience, and employer’s contact details. The job posting procedure is accompanied by a progress bar to guide users towards completion.


SpareHire supports communication between employers and applicants through the exchange of messages via its Email-synced system. Employers can schedule calls and interviews as and when necessary. The right matches can be hired based on the interview, their educational qualifications, experience, and ratings given by previous employers.

Payment Gateway Integration

Project remunerations are made by the employer through the SpareHire platform. SpareHire deducts a certain percentage of the amount as a commission before transferring it to the professional. To make the payment quick and easy, we have integrated a Stripe payment gateway that facilitates bank-to-bank ACH payments as well as credit card payments.

Our Clients