About Roman Thomas

Roman Thomas sells hand-made seating and transitional furniture within the New York region. They wanted to set up both B2B and B2C sections in one website. However, this needed to be done in a way that distinguishes the B2B from the B2B section prominently. The purpose of this was to help its audience have clarity while browsing products and ensure that it is easy for them to understand the distinct functions and features of these two sections.

How we did it

The client came up with two main challenges:

  1. Providing distinct access to B2B and B2C users landing on the site so that only B2C customers can purchase the products and B2B customers can inquire about the B2B products
  2. Integrating the ability to easily drag and drop products in the backend and on re-sequencing the products, the result needed to be displayed on the BigCommerce product listing(category) page

We developed the B2B and B2C sections of the site and assigned distinct features to them. To enable the client to drag and drop products and save the sequence of each product, we used third-party API service of BigCommerce on AWS server. On the product listing page, all products are listed by the sequence number.

B2B and B2C functionalities have been separated successfully for easy comprehension. The site administrator can now easily update the content of the site and add the sequence number for each product by drag and drop functionality.

Setting Up the Online Store

By the time Roman Thomas came to us, they already had a BigCommerce store built on PHP showcasing their products. We worked with the BigCommerce platform and proposed to build B2B and B2C section features for the site. For the B2B section, we developed a custom backend application and connected it with the BigCommerce APIs. On theme customization, we moved on to extend the functionalities for easy product addition, update, delete, and drag and drop capabilities. For the B2C section, we worked on the customization of product, cart, and checkout pages.

Additional Features

In addition to building the online store, we worked on improving the load speed, responsiveness of the site, basic SEO, and payment integration. On completion of development and customization, we performed quality testing to identify bugs and rectify them to ensure that the site runs smoothly once launched.

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