About Manhattan Home Design

Manhattan Home Design (MHD) is a New York-based home furnishing company that offers mid-century modern and classic furniture replicas to its US and international clientele. A lot of its designs are representative of American and European modernism in the 20th century. Its refreshing modern styles of interior home furnishings are created by renowned designers. Established in 2008, Manhattan Home Design operates out of its showroom in New York and its online store.

How we did it

The client came to us with a fully functioning site that had one primary problem area: responsiveness.

We identified the key factors to address and worked on making changes to the theme as well as the design of specific sections of the website to make it more responsive.

The result is a more responsive site with seamless product selection and checkout facilities.

Improving Site’s Responsiveness

Manhattan Home Design already had a functional online store with the complete product catalog in place. However, the store wasn’t designed keeping responsiveness in mind. It goes without saying that responsiveness is a key factor for an online store to perform well. So we did a thorough assessment of the website to understand the responsiveness factors that needed to be addressed. We identified the design errors and made necessary changes to the theme, landing page, header, and footer sections. We also worked on the product pages to make them more interactive and enable users to easily select products from the variations. This was uniquely designed while keeping site responsiveness intact.

Our Clients