About Hanky Panky (UK)

The pandemic brought to the fore the vulnerabilities of the supply chain and tested the abilities of businesses to adjust rapidly. B2B e-commerce had been hit badly causing them to lose consumer trust and affecting their business continuity. As a result, wholesalers started expanding into a B2C model to create additional modes of revenue. One of them was a women’s luxury lingerie brand Hanky Panky owned by CM Delta group of Companies. Between October and November 2020, we helped them release their first B2C site in the UK.

Hanky Panky is a women’s lingerie brand that specializes in manufacturing “World’s Most Comfortable Thongs” for white-collar women. Their celebrity devotees include Rihanna, Cher, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian West, and the likes. The company was founded in 1977 by two friends Lida Orzeck and Gale Epstein. Hanky Panky bottoms sell at an average of one panty a second across the globe. This makes up tens of millions of bottoms each year.

How we did it

It was a challenge to build a B2C e-commerce store from ground up for a B2B company. A lot of factors had to be taken into account like platform, user-centric features, logistics etc.

In the discovery phase, we assessed the site’s target audience behavior and took competitors’ sites into account to come up with the tech stacks that would suit Hanky Panky best. We also customized search features, product suggestions, product color swatches, and so on to provide a smart user journey.

Through our efficient project handling, we could uphold the brand’s reputation by helping them have a smooth launch in the UK and maintain their brand value by living up to their customers’ expectations.

What We Did

  • Discovery phase to determine the right e-commerce platform, tech stacks, 3rd party apps, 3PL, etc.
  • Setting up of Shopify store with product catalog from HankyPanky
  • Integration with Netsuite ERP
  • Warehouse and 3PL integration
  • Return management automation
  • CRM integration
  • Technical SEO

Our Clients