About Five Star Senior Living

Five Star Senior Living owns and operates 260 senior living communities in 33 states across the USA. They provide independent and assisted living, short-term stays, memory and respite care, and wellness and rehabilitation services. Five Star has an internal merchandise store for the employees which needed some rework. They reached out to us to assist them with internal company store recommendations.

How we did it

There were two primary challenges to tackle in this project:

  1. Creating products with custom attributes for embroidery and monogramming options
  2. Mapping and managing each product with logo options for different customer groups

We helped customize products with the required feature options and also reduced the number of steps to get the product into the cart and proceed to shipping.

The site administrator can now easily update the site content, map products with different logos and employee group information. Users can also customize the product easily and check them out of the store.

Employee Store Migration

The internal company store for Five Star Senior Living was initially built on Magento. The client wanted to migrate it to BigCommerce. However, the initial store had several Magento-specific custom features integrated. So, the migration needed to be done in a way that keeps these custom features intact. Five Star Senior Living has multiple care groups under its name. Each care group has a distinct logo with a specific embroidery. The client wanted to build a feature that enables employees to customize the products they order from the store with the logo of the care group they belong to. We developed the custom features and integrated them into the BigCommerce platform while ensuring seamless and easy product checkout.

Our Clients