About CED Marine

Established in 1971, CED Marine is a B2B distributor of marine electronics. The site is built on WordPress. Products include electronics for navigation, communication, safety, entertainment, sonar, and power equipment from top manufacturers. Their customers are primarily dealers, professional installers, boat manufacturers, and so on. In short, CED Marine’s inventory and customer base have one thing in common: volume. So they needed some help with sorting and grouping their client profiles and products.

How we did it

CED Marine wanted to build a structured way of managing customer profiles and product accessories by grouping them into predefined roles and categories. The goal was to have data uploaded as an Excel sheet populate the right head in the backend automatically. This would achieve two things: convenience and saving time.

Codaemon achieved this by defining and assigning appropriate user roles. We also created a practical product-to-category mapping system for easy sorting.  

This has helped CED Marine achieve clarity in how their users perceive the site, thuis reducing cart abandonment.

Customer Profile Grouping & Sorting

CED Marine wanted to have its customers grouped into 4 roles with distinct access permissions.  To work on this, the client provided us a list of customers with roles assigned to each.
  1. JL customer role - Can view all products including those containing the JL tag
  2. Read-Only Customer Role - Can view all products, needs to log-in to view price but has the checkout functionality disabled
  3. Ordinary Customer Role - Can view and purchase all products except those tagged JL
  4. Visitor - Can only view products
Codaemon developed a practical system of defining 4 user roles in the backend, assigning actions to each. Once a user registers on the site, an Email would be sent to the admin for approval/rejection and role assignment. All of this can be done at the click of a button.

Smart Product-to-Accessory Mapping

Keeping in line with CED Marine’s values of attention to detail, Codaemon created an immersive product page experience through smart product accessory mapping. Most of the products in the CED Marine inventory come with a large list of accessories. Displaying all of them in a single cross-sell category on the product page was illogical. So, we created multiple sub-categories to accommodate the related accessories and sort and group each under the right head. These heads include Instruments, Antenna, Cables, and so on. This would keep customers’ buying intent intact by helping them find exactly the accessory they want with the product without causing a distraction from unnecessary scrolling.

Maintaining Price Clarity & Transparency

CED Marine’s USPs include free shipping and same-day delivery. However, some of the products do not qualify for free shipping due to their large size. These oversized products need to be shipped by containers, incurring an additional cost. To avoid confusion over a higher total price than the one displayed on the product page, we:
  • marked oversized products to distinguish them from other products
  • added a pop-up feature that would inform customers of an additional shipping charge once they click on the “Add to Cart” button
This helps maintain price clarity and transparency and plays a significant role in reducing cart abandonment.

Our Clients