Why You Should be Opening a Store on Facebook

Let’s face it. One of the most used apps on our smartphones is Facebook. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Facebook boasts 2.2 billion monthly active users. The good news is, this gives business owners ample opportunities to cash in on it.

If you are an e-commerce store owner, Facebook is going to be your next money-maker. Why? That’s because Facebook is where your customers are.

New Kid on the Block – F-commerce

It is no secret that Facebook has turned out to be an excellent marketing tool. Not only can you advertise your products on Facebook, but you can sell them too! It doubles up as an e-commerce store where customers can check out the products and purchase them without having to leave the app. This has resulted in the invention of a new term – F-commerce.

What Makes F-commerce So Cool?

It’s easy. It’s cheap. It’s effective. And most importantly, it has a magnanimous reach.

A Facebook store significantly reduces the steps taken to buy a product by making them available to potential customers for purchase right when they are killing time on Facebook. This means that business owners do not run the risk of customers getting tired of (and eventually quitting) clicking on an external link to buy a product. In-app purchase makes buying decisions quicker and easier.

Today, brands constantly need to keep an open channel of communication with their customers to keep them engaged, solve their problems, answer their queries etc. Having a Facebook store pulls in the complimentary service of Facebook Messenger to take care of this requirement.

How it Works

There’s no rocket science to Facebook commerce. It is essentially shopping through Facebook with an e-commerce store embedded within the social network. All it takes is for you to set up a business page on Facebook and add your shop to it. So, when a person visits your Facebook business page, they can click on the Store tab to purchase the products directly.

Check out the following video to find out how to set up your Facebook shop.

You can set up a Facebook shop through Shopify if your website is hosted there. The Facebook store syncs with the products on the website easily.

Facebook commerce primarily works on the concept of impulse sales. It has the power to convert even the least interested of buyers by guiding them to the Facebook store with an advertisement of a product.

There is no doubt that Facebook is now a solid source of e-commerce revenue. If you haven’t already opened a Facebook store, you are missing out on a lot. Facebook is the new shop of the future and your products should definitely be on it.