How to Use Video to Boost Your E-commerce Store’s Sales

Let’s face it. Nobody likes to read long product descriptions before making a purchasing decision. People generally skip the text part and end up looking at the pictures. But the problem is, pictures don’t completely solve the purpose of explaining the product details. In fact, as many as 49% of online shoppers say that not being able to touch the product is one of the major drawbacks of online shopping. That’s what makes the product description necessary.

Good news is, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more.

In a survey by ThinkWithGoogle, it was found that 50% of Internet users search for product/service videos before visiting the store.

What’s nice about video is that it’s not static and it allows users to see and experience elements of your products that they can’t otherwise. Hence, it has obvious benefits like higher user engagement, improved search ranking, better brand exposure and of course, increased conversion.

These factors make a strong case for including video in your e-commerce business strategy.

Now the question is, how?

There are a lot of ways to use videos for your e-commerce business. Before we get into that, it’s important to be clear about where you want to use them.

E-commerce video

Where to Use Videos in Your E-commerce Business

You can use videos on:

  • The product page
  • Emails to nurture leads
  • Your business’s social media profiles

The video content will depend entirely on where the video lives. For example, a welcome Email can introduce the variety of your store to a new user or, showcase a best-selling product etc. On the other hand, a video for an abandoned cart Email will have a slightly different message. It can showcase ways to use the product or its benefits etc.

Video is an excellent mode to engage your Facebook and Instagram followers. You can create videos depending on how your followers interact with your page. How-to’s, user reviews etc. work well on these platforms.

Even your store’s landing page can have a video. You can show how your organization works and what makes your products unique. An ‘About Us’ video will also be an excellent option.

Ways to Implement Videos in Your E-commerce Business Strategy

Let’s take a look at some specific ways to use video in your e-commerce marketing techniques.

About Us Video

If you are a newbie in the e-commerce market, an ‘About Us’ video will work like an introductory video for your leads. You can show a quick glimpse of the products you are offering, what differentiates your brand from the others, show the team working behind your store. This will gather up a lot of engagement for your store. You can use this video on your website and also on your social media pages.

360-Degree Product View

This one is quite popular, especially on Facebook. I recently came across the 360-degree view of Volkswagen Passat’s interior. It’s engaging and informative at the same time. With a video like that for your product, your audience count is going to soar quickly.

How-to’ Videos

This kind of video is extremely effective since it gives customers an idea of the effectiveness of the product. This is especially useful if your product requires self-installation. DIY videos also very informative and highly engaging. Check the following on creating a tapestry dresser.

Product Overview

This kind of video explains the features of a product and also, sometimes shows the product in use. If the features are too complex, you can create a series of short videos explaining each feature in detail. Watch PeopleLink’s e-podium product’s video to get a better idea.

Product Reviews & Feedback

There is nothing like a positive product review to gain more buyers. People trust customer reviews. They add credibility to the product. User testimonials persuade prospective buyers more because they see people like them using the product. An unboxing video can also be a good option.

Behind the Scenes

When you let customers see the hard work that goes behind bringing a product to life, you earn their respect. It can either be a video on the process that goes into turning the product from a sketch to reality or it can display the steps your company takes from the moment an online order is placed till the package is delivered.

This videos the product fulfilment process of Chinese FC Bayern Munich flagship store built by DHL e-commerce.

Lookbook Videos

Lookbook videos are excellent for clothing and accessories. It shows the product in use in a compelling way. You can make the video interactive by adding links to the products in it so that viewers can directly make the purchase.

Check out H&M’s Summer/Spring 2018 Lookbook for ideas.

Video is an excellent way to increase conversions. It’s because videos hold the attention of possible customers and they end up spending more time on your page than they would by looking at product images. When a viewer can see what a product looks like in use, highlighting its key features, you take them one step closer to buying it. The key is in being consistent. If you can do this regularly, your conversions will go up in no time.