Every state in the USA has millions of dollars of unclaimed money every year. This money/property is initially held by organizations who hadn’t been able to contact its owner. After a certain period of time and as per state rules, this money is turned over to the state. The state then becomes the custodian of this money until it is

Ohio Living is a wide-reaching nonprofit organization in Ohio state which operates around 20 retirement communities providing them services from independent living and assisted living to rehabilitation and long-term care. They needed help to build an internal e-commerce store for their employees. This store would serve 20 different communities with 20 different product catalogs - all through one website. The

Established in 1971, CED Marine is a B2B distributor of marine electronics. The site is built on WordPress. Products include electronics for navigation, communication, safety, entertainment, sonar, and power equipment from top manufacturers. Their customers are primarily dealers, professional installers, boat manufacturers, and so on. In short, CED Marine’s inventory and customer base have one thing in common: volume. So

Madre Terra Science is a reputable clinical nutrition company that has been at the forefront of providing innovative, science-based CBD-related products for over four decades. As a subsidiary of Vinco Inc., they deliver nutritional solutions that drive positive clinical outcomes for overall health and wellness. A distinctive aspect of Madre Terra Science's products lies in their utilization of nano-enhanced liposomal delivery.

Slomin’s provides home security, heating, and cooling solutions. Slomin’s started as a general store with a home delivery service of store-bought kerosene back in 1923. Quickly Slomin’s reputation grew and it started to develop into one of the largest family-owned businesses in the US with a full line of products and services for home and business owners.

&pizza (pronounced "And Pizza") is an American fast casual pizza restaurant chain based in Washington DC. &pizza operates pizza shops across multiple locations. The shops are known for their unique designs that reflect the neighborhood they are located in. The Company offers a wide variety of pizzas, custom soda flavors, gluten-free pizza dough, etc. Their pizzas are customizable and oblong-shaped.

Tru Niagen is a nutrient supplement produced and distributed by ChromaDex, a reputable company with over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. Tru Niagen plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular health, working at the most foundational level to promote optimal well-being as individuals age. One of the key functions of Tru Niagen is its ability to

Kill the 8 is a Toronto-based company that provides turnkey merchandise services to artists and companies in the music industry. It works with multiple companies/artists to develop their brand and design, manufacture and market their product line. Kill The 8 houses numerous online stores for different artists and music companies.

The pandemic brought to the fore the vulnerabilities of the supply chain and tested the abilities of businesses to adjust rapidly. B2B e-commerce had been hit badly causing them to lose consumer trust and affecting their business continuity. As a result, wholesalers started expanding into a B2C model to create additional modes of revenue. One of them was a women’s